Julian Saadeh


Business Manager

Year: Sophomore

Major: Business Administration/Real Estate Development

Favorite RO Memory: Our excursion to Yosemite the first day I was in the group

Favorite RO Song: Carry On My Wayward Son

Fun Fact: I don't usually eat cereal with milk but when I do, I like to pour the milk first

Kate Crellin


Music Director

Year: Senior

Major: BA Law, History & Culture, BA Choral Music/ Jazz Studies minor

Favorite RO Memory: The first rehearsal we had together!

Favorite RO Song: Golden Hour

Fun Fact: I’m a dual citizen of England & the US!

Dominic Moog


 Year: Junior

Major: Gender studies major/healthcare studies minor

Favorite RO Memory: ROtreat fall 2016!

Favorite RO Song: Blown Away

Fun Fact: I have perfect pitch!

Sarah Stackhouse


Year: Sophomore

Major: Neuroscience

Favorite RO Memory: I mean... obviously my first rotreat!  Specifically the moment when we were all playing charades, and I realized that the people in this group are just as crazy as me. 

Favorite RO Song: Let Me Down/Hopeless

Fun Fact:  I’m such a tomboy, like I love physical  indoor and outdoor activities.

Nick Benson



Year: Sophomore

Major: BFA Acting

Favorite RO Memory: My first sound machine at ROtreat last semester!

Favorite RO Song: Sir Duke

Fun Fact: I eat shredded cheese directly out of the bag. With my hands.

Hannah Abrahim


Year: Freshman

Major:  Music Industry 

Favorite RO Memory: 

Favorite RO Song: 

Fun Fact:

Austin Crawford


 Year: Junior

Major: BA Choral Music

Favorite RO Memory: Dressing up as Brittney Spears for All Hail-o-ween!

Favorite RO Song: Toxic!

Fun Fact: I can do 10 back flips in a row on the trampoline!

Abhaya Krishnan-Jha


Year: Freshman

Major: Computer Science & Vocal Arts

Favorite RO Memory: Dressing Up as Iconic Britneys! 

Favorite RO Song: Betty Who Medley

Fun Fact: I make a lot of puns! 

Josh Speckman


 Year: Freshman

Major: Math